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Next to the methodology, DEESME provides this tool in the form of a spreadsheet file that will guide and provide structure to implement the proposed multiple benefits approach. Each step of the procedure is developed in a separate sheet of the file.
The business model can be considered as a master plan that describes the way in which a company creates value in order to meet its business objectives.

Reports and findings

The publications are added as they become available. They are still subject to the European Commission’s approval.

  • Intermediary monitoring report (FIRE, D2.7, November 2022)
  • Intermediary monitoring report (Task 4.4, IEECP, D4.7, December 2022)
  • Overview of national campaigns (SOG, CLEOPA, KAPE, ECQ, IEECP, D4.2, January 2023)
  • Overview of the overall DEESME campaign (CLEOPA, D4.3, February 2023)
  • Report on key actors working sessions (EEIP, D4.3, February 2023)
  • Key actors recommendations to improve national schemes (SOG, D4.5, February 2023)
  • Final proposals for the national authorities (D5.1, April 2023)
  • Best practices related to multiple benefits approach applied to energy audit and management (CLEOPA, D3.7, July 2023) •Final monitoring report (FIRE, D2.8, September 2023)
  • Final monitoring report (ISI, D3.10, September 2023)
  • Final monitoring report on the attractiveness of DEESME approach (IEECP, D4.8, September 2023)
  • Outcome report of meetings organised with the National Authorities (D5.2, September 2023)
  • Tailored direct recommendations to the National Authorities and country reports on the outcome of direct support (D5.3, September 2023)
  • Monitoring report (IEECP, D5.6, September 2023)

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